Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim is a business consultant, trainer, and business content writer. Write stories about the strategy, economy, Wall Street, corporations, business human side, personal development, and other business topics. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim educational backgrounds are Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate of Business Administration (Ph.D.) from the German University of Cairo. Besides that bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and English Language linguistics between Cairo and the USA universities. Has background experiences in a number of different sectors and industries, include and not limited to:

Business: Consultations, Training, and Content Writing.

Industries: Food and Beverage, Banking, Money, FinTech, Agriculture, and Technology

What People Say

Dr. Mohamed is incredibly bright, thoughtful, and creative. I had the joy of teaming up with him on a variety of projects at Business Development and was continuously impressed by his skills as a strategist – from his ability to brainstorm super creative project ideas to his amazing personal skills and Business English fluency. Plus, he has an uncanny ability to empathize with users, buyers, and customers of all kinds, thinking through their unique perspectives and crafting marketing strategies and messaging that will educate and engage nearly anyone. I feel lucky to know him and can’t wait to watch him do amazing things in this life.

Nour Assy, Business Dev Corp

There is an elegance to the way Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim approaches both his professional duties and his personal interactions with our employees at Vodafone. I have been very fortunate to have worked closely with him in his capacity as Corporate Trainer and Consultant for prestige projects in Egypt and in the U.K. His training as expert brings an informed contribution to the table beyond the smooth day-to-day running of the project.

Nilly Hassan, Vodafone

I got to know Dr. Mohamed at the German University in Cairo , and I found him an excellent leader, ready to offer guidance and support to his fellows. Dr. Mohamed has the talent and ability to explain his ideas and execute the planned projects effectively and efficiently on the targeted time frame. He is always thinking out of the box to find ways to tackle the faced challenges in order to achieve his objectives. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mohamed to all organizations and companies looking for a strategic leaders.


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