Quietly…How to Get People’s Attention In A Busy Business World

Being a person of influence in those around you amid the hustle and bustle of business is a very attractive quality

Some people used to jump out of windows to get people’s attention. If that’s not your way of life, and you’d rather draw attention to yourself without the hustle and bustle, give yourself time to go through the six ways below.

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1- Never Stop Being ‘The Responsible Guy’

I was once told that the moment you take on a leadership position, your career will come to an end because your only new job is to make sure the people around you live up to it.

We work with a lot of young people who are moving fast in work and life. Without a doubt, the number one reason why some of these young people start to slow down after being quick is that once they gain the taste of success, instead of being more useful to those around them, and continuing with the same quality they were working on which led to the acceleration and success of their careers – they start dealing with their own agenda, build their personal gains and personal future becomes the only concern they work for day and night.

If you want to get people’s attention, always be generous. Offer tips and recommendations to the people around you who appear to be responsible. Watch those around you how are they improving on their professional and academic levels. Do not be stingy in expressing words of thanks and encouragement. Keep a to-do list of what other people are doing if it helps you stick to the habit.

The older you get, the more you begin to realize that caring for those around you is the hallmark of a truly wonderful person.

2- Look At Your “Weaknesses” With Pride

When you are honest with yourself that there is a small flaw in your life, this is a point that enhances the true beauty of being human. This idea was introduced in Daniel Pink’s book, “To Sell Is Human.”
Except that the rule in the book doesn’t just apply to sales. But it applies to us as human beings in our daily dealings at work.
We do not have to try to attract all people to us. If you suffer from stuttering and cannot pronounce words properly, this is a natural defect and can be treated in most cases with some exercises.

All we have to do is try to attract the right people who understand us. Those who understand the person who came in the seventh level rather than the first as their hero. Not all of us belong to the category of Michael Phelps, who has achieved impressive new successes in swimming that no one before him would have expected. We all have flaws. You must not hide your flaws. And never apologize to people for it.

People are seriously drawn to those who choose to make their obstacles their path in life and work.

3- Think Forward When Life Pushes You Back

I hate people who put up barriers between people, it reminds us of putting an oxygen mask on a sick person. When life gets painful, we want to be surrounded by those who prioritize the people around us.
When you get bad news, instead of getting into a self-protective mode and shutting yourself down like so many people do, instead take a minute to ask everyone involved in the problem if they’re OK. Then train yourself to ask this very valuable question:

What is the right first step we can take?

You can still get out of where you are and scream after if you need to. But do these two things first:

Many people we live with prioritize being charismatic.
Many people are also drawn to the ones who have self-discipline and have good ideas – even simple ideas – to be effective and calm to those around them, this is when others around us are hysterical or unable to act in the situation.

4- Hold On To Strong Conversations

Popular author and podcast host Tim Ferriss shared some powerful insights he gained during his career when he stated in one of his interviews: “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations they are willing to have.”
Many people tend to shy away from difficult conversations.

If you want your business to stand out, the strong advice is not to do what too many people do.
Be proactive in the face of criticism. Surround yourself with people who can talk to you straightforwardly, and correct you without compliments. You also do not skimp on to the one you love to direct them severely in some cases to change.
Certainly, it can be a bit painful because the psychological and mental development of a person does not come at a cheap price. But be assured that over time, not only will you improve faster than those around you, but the outstanding people around you will start to notice that you are getting better.

Good things in life come to those who are more interested in getting things right than in thinking that they are always right.

5- Commit To Being Constantly Average

Entrepreneurial speaker Peter Shankman reports that a few days ago, he was invited to join an association calling for an ethically cohesive society. But there was one obvious problem with the message: The invitation was only for a group of women. And Peter Shankman, as his name suggests, is not a woman.

Peter says when I received the message, I stopped to think about it. I received it because, in my community work, I built a mental image of myself “that I am good at the basics that many people are looking for, which are startup projects.”

So he came across and wrote his famous quote: “Get the little things right and win the big things. Simply!”

We couldn’t agree more with this. Many of us receive e-mails, calls, or even a message through social media from someone asking us about things outside our business scope, for instance, to nominate a real estate company to rent from, or even a company he wants to work for. In many cases, you are not fully aware of the matter, and what encouraged this person to write or contact you is the image that you are a famous person among others in a good way.

Everyone today is moving fast. Many people respond to companies’ offers, especially employment, quickly, so that they do not miss a job or opportunity, even if it is not suitable. If you want to stand out, do the opposite by moving at a medium pace that is neither fast nor slow to make sure that every step you take is the right one.
This is especially increased if it is so impersonal that your decision will affect other people with you.

Build you a reputation in your community with something that distinguishes you from others, it is not a condition that no one has preceded you in it, but everyone should know you about this, so as not to waste the time of others, for wasting the time of others is a serious trait that cannot be underestimated.

6- Contradict What Others Say About Themselves

Do you want to stand out on LinkedIn? So don’t talk about work!

The advice of Kevin Systrom, founder of several successful projects, to his friend Mike Krieger, was a real lightning moment. Instead of posting your profile on LinkedIn and in various social media channels, as you are the “founder of major or successful projects” and do like most people do. Instead, write words about your personal life such as “I raised two equally wonderful little children and have one of the most wonderful women.”
Those simple words led to more interaction and comment with him than all of those articles combined.

Mark your messages to people. Find a little way to distinguish yourself. If you don’t think you’re good at it, find someone to train with or teach you these techniques, and educational content is now available to everyone, either paid and free, on websites or through educational videos.
We are still living in a good time despite all the news we read and hear, but we always thank God.

One simple, well-crafted sentence has the power to attract thousands of people to you and follow you.

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11 رأي على “Quietly…How to Get People’s Attention In A Busy Business World

  1. With so many tasks needing to be done, many people just don’t have the attention spans to take in the message crafted to sell. Attention spans have started to become even shorter, as a result of instant gratification and quick fixes.


  2. When it comes to breaking through the noise, state your value proposition in a way that puts your prospects and their needs in the center, then elaborate on what differentiates your solution or service as opposed to the competition. Be crisp and clear about your uniqueness vs. the competition and how it serves best to solve your prospects’ needs.


  3. Your long-term success depends on winning the attention of others. If your boss doesn’t notice your work, how will you get a promotion? If your team doesn’t listen to you, how can you lead effectively? And if you can’t capture the attention of clients, how does your business or career survive?


  4. One business leader says: A strong focus on a particular goal is the decisive factor in success, both in matters of money and elsewhere, and adds: There are two conditions for brilliant success: to set yourself exactly what you want, to learn the price to pay and to be prepared to pay.
    Most people leave their lives unintentionally coordinated; So they don’t have much success, and those who know the value of challenging goals, learn that; From their families, either they encountered a virtuous educator or a professor who knew the value of it, they opened their eyes to him, which, regrettably, was not taught in schools or universities; One can be educated for more than 16 years without receiving a single hour to talk about (setting goals and ways to achieve them).


  5. We couldn’t agree more with this. Many of us receive e-mails, calls, or even a message through social media from someone asking us about things outside our business scope


  6. Responsible for operational day-to-day operating activities to ensure that the process is applied correctly and deliverables are delivered on time
    Matching requirements and needs to run the project in terms of training, leadership, planning, resource allocation, risk mitigation, and applications
     The stages of order processing from start to finish, from initiation of the order to project implementation and the stage of closing the order
     Assessment of gap analysis and feasibility reports for training and employment
    Provide training on CV writing, interview skills, and interpersonal skills


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